Bit Harvest Studio Roadmap

Planning & Initial Development Q1 2023
Embarking on the Luna Uniti development journey, our team initiated the groundwork with meticulous planning and strategic decisions. We began by evaluating two robust backend frameworks, Django and Flask, weighing their merits to determine the most fitting choice for our objectives. After careful consideration, Flask emerged as the optimal selection, aligning seamlessly with the agility and flexibility required for Luna Uniti’s development. Striving for long-term success, we conducted thorough business viability and continuity assessments. These evaluations ensured that our endeavors were not only innovative but also sustainable, fostering growth and resilience in the dynamic landscape of decentralized technologies.

Governence & Business Planning Q2 2023
Visionary discussions with our team, collectively shaping a mission to redefine blockchain through inventive solutions. Team decision to embrace a decentralized governance model, empowering our community stakeholders to actively participate in shaping the trajectory of blockchain initiatives. By distributing decision-making authority, we ensure transparency and inclusivity.

Release Testing & UI Design Q3 2023
Within our team, we engaged in collaborative iterations during release testing, meticulously ensuring the functionality and reliability of our products. Executed release testing with precision, scrutinizing every aspect of our products to identify and rectify potential issues.

Public Presence & Initial Testing Q4 2023
Bit Harvest Studio website development Initial web template laid out. BHS Discord started. Luna Uniti Beta 1.0 begin testing on COTX X3 and SenseCap M1. Tested bandwidth sharing and Lora functions. Begin adding utility functions to firmware. Myner platform development

Product Launch & Partnerships Q1 2024
Luna Uniti & Luna Bobcat Firmware Software License sales begin. Begin offering Bobcat 300 (all model) mail in service for customers who need help porting over. ADSB Ground Station development with partnership with WingBits (Myner GS). Increase public awareness about BHS and being giveaways. Announcement about Myner Uno & Duo Platforms. Fleet management dashboard and services.

Additional Product Line Launch Q2 2024
To be updated soon…

"Unearth the Future, Mine the Digital Gold."
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