Luna Uniti

Luna“, developed by Bit Harvest Studio, is a cutting-edge firmware and unified dashboard designed to empower users to optimize their passive income streams efficiently while supporting widely deployed blockchain projects. This comprehensive solution allows users to manage a diverse array of crypto-Space applications, leveraging various technologies including LoRa, bandwidth sharing, resource sharing, and Software-Defined Radio (SDR).

Luna operates as a centralized control hub, streamlining the deployment and aggregation of passive income & mining applications. Users can run and oversee multiple passive income generating projects without the need of specialized knowledge or intricate Linux commands. Luna dashboard is simple, intuitive and very easy to operate.

An intuitive and user-friendly dashboard protected by a PIN, ensures user privacy and accessibility. Operating locally, without any reliance on cloud connections, Luna guarantees that users have complete control over their IOT operations, promoting a vendor independent user experience.

BHS targets to provide a unified firmware for all brands of helium miners. In essence, we aim to make your miner more capable by letting it run multiple income generating/mining projects. All this with the ease and simplicity that Luna has to offer. BHS Luna Uniti can run on most Raspberry pi platform miners, Bobcat (G280, G285, G290, G295) and soon to support other rockchip platform helium miners too.

Luna aims to create a symbiotic ecosystem, where users can achieve maximum passive income by efficiently managing and utilizing multiple blockchain projects. Unified dashboard and firmware simplify the operational complexity, enabling a wide range of users to participate in the exciting world of passive income generation and crypto.
To check device compatibility please visit our “LUNA COMPATIBLE DEVICES” page.

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