How to Mine ThingsIX THIX Token

This article describes ThingsIX App installation and onboarding


Goto Configure and select "THINGSIX" App from the drop down menu and click "DEPLOY" button.

Wait for the app to complete installation and return back to Manage page.


Click "Onboard xxxxxxx" (Blue) button.

This action will open onboarding dialog and look for MetaMask wallet if its present. If present then it will fetch your Polygon Address. Otherwise please enter your Polygon wallet address. Then click "Onboard & Push" button.



Once "Onboard and Push" is completed, you will be sent back to Manage page after about 1 minute. Click "Backup & Restore" button.

In "Backup & Restore" dialog enter your Private Key and click "Restore Private Key" button to restore your miner.

You should see similar looking messages as the restore process is completed and once done you will be routed back to Manage page.