How to earn FIAT using HoneyGain App

This articles describes how to install HoneyGain App and earn FIAT using Luna

You will need a HoneyGain account to setup this app. Click HERE (or the HoneyGain banner below) to create an account.


Goto Configure >> Select HoneyGain. Enter your Honeygain account username (your email address) and password then click "DEPLOY"


Once HoneyGain is installed you should see it under Manage

Click "DASHBOARD" button to goto HoneyGain dashboard to see your device earning HoneyGain points, scroll down to see your device connected.


You can add up to 10 devices to your account (1 device per public IP. i.e. you can run one of these per internet connection). We recommend to use MetaMask wallet and setup an account on JumpTask (button on Luna Dashboard) then switch HoneyGain to earn JMPT coin (you can switch over from your HoneyGain account dashboard).