Onboarding Instructions

This article describes how to onboard your Luna Uniti device:


Follow How to use Balena Etcher to flash a SD card directions for how to flash Luna Firmware to your SD card. Firmware image is shipped in .XZ archive format. Balena Etcher will allow you to select the download firmware archive as-is for flashing over to your SD card. Once flashed, leave your device connected to Internet via ethernet for about 20 minutes, during this step your device will initialize, reboot and then continue the remaining initialization steps.

Bobcat devices have a RKDevTool flashing method. Please visit Bobcat Flashing Guide.

Minimum 32GB SD Card Required. This maybe a good time to get a new SD card rather than having your current one fail due to age. Once you have flashed the SD card with Luna firmware, insert the SD card into your device, connect Ethernet (you can configure wifi once onboarded) cord to miner from your LAN network and power up.

Check your gateway/router DHCP leases to find device named “luna-fffeABCDEF” where “ABCDEF” is the last 6 digits of your device Ethernet MAC address. Copy/note down the device hostname and IP. To Access Luna dashboard goto:


For example: your device hostname is “luna-12ab34” and LAN IP is “” then your access URL will be https://luna-fffe12ab34/ or

We have integrated a “Self Signed Certificate” into Luna. Using this certificate, all traffic between you and luna will stay encrypted however since this certificate is not signed by global certificate authorities, your internet browser will throw an exception like below.


Depending on your internet browser you may see a different looking warning but the content will be same (screenshot is from Mozilla Firefox). Select “Advanced” then choose the button to allow exception and proceed. Doing so will land you on Luna Uniti login page.


PIN: 1234

Access dashboard and begin onboarding by selecting your region and device manufacturer. Make sure to select correct device and region. If incorrect is selected then you will need to click “Factory Reset” under system management to reset system to stock defaults. Alternatively you can also choose to just reflash the SD all together and start fresh (Recommended).


Once onboarding is completed. You will be redirected to the “System Menu” page like so.


Click “Luna Uniti License” tab. Click the green purchase button to open our “License Purchase” page.


We only support “Phantom” and “Solflare” wallets. Have your wallet installed as a browser plugin such that our app can connect to it during the license seat purchase process. We have tested our payment system with a limited number of browsers. Microsoft Edge, Firefox & Google Chrome (Linux/Mac/Windows) with Phantom or Solflare Wallet will work just fine. We are working on adding additional cross browser compatibility to this application and we appreciate your patience with this regard.

Once purchase is completed, close off this tab and return back to your Luna dashboard >> System Menu >> Luna Uniti License and click the purple “Retrieve My License Seat” button to fetch your license seat and install on device.

You should see a notification prompt letting you know of successful license installation with a purple button to activate the license seat. Once clicked, your device will reboot, apply the license seat and startup uniti.

Click the button “Reboot to Activate License” to reboot Luna. Give it about a minute and then attempt to access dashboard. Only this time, you will get directed straight to the index page.

Enjoy Luna Responsibly...!