How to Mine CureCoin CURE Token

This article explains CureCoin App installation process:

What is CureCoin:

CureCoin is a unique cryptocurrency that incentivizes scientific research in the field of biomedical science. It operates on the blockchain, where participants earn CureCoin by contributing their computing power to distributed computing projects like Folding@Home, which simulate protein folding and other complex biological processes. By harnessing the computational power of volunteers worldwide, CureCoin facilitates groundbreaking research in areas such as disease treatment, drug discovery, and protein folding dynamics. Participants earn CureCoin based on their computational contributions, and these rewards can be traded on cryptocurrency exchanges or used to support further research. Thus, CureCoin bridges the gap between cryptocurrency mining and meaningful scientific advancement.

CureCoin Website:

Donate to a Great Cause:

Bit Harvest Studio is offering this app at no extra to the community and it is included with our base firmware license seat. We have the CureCoin app configured to mine to a our donation pool. This is a community led effort and as such, you have a voice. Vote for a cause. Have a voice in which cause should receive earnings from this community effort. Vote Here

App Installation:

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