Luna Uniti Alpha 1 Onboarding Instructions


Your device is now powered by Luna….

You may access your device using its LAN IP address.




For example: your device LAN IP is “” then your access URL will be:

Check your gateway/router DHCP leases to find device named “luna-fffePPPPPP” where “PPPPPP” is the last 6 digits of your device MAC address. The IP address assigned to that name is the IP of your device.

We have integrated a “Self Signed Security Certificate” into Luna. Using this certificate, all traffic between you and luna will stay encrypted however since this certificate is not signed by global certificate authorities so your internet browser will throw an exception like below.

Depending on your internet browser you may see a different looking warning but the content will be same (screenshot is from Mozilla Firefox)

Select “advanced” then choose the button to allow exception and proceed.

Doing so will land you on Luna Uniti login page.

Use Pin


access dashboard and begin onboarding by selecting your region and device manufacturer.

Once onboarding is completed. Your device will reboot. Access the dashboard once your device has booted up and continue on to app installation.

Luna Uniti Dashboard preview video

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