Luna Bobcat

Bobcat 300 1GB/2GB G280/G285/G290/G295

In the wake of the post-Helium migration era, the technology landscape has seen a significant shift. Many manufacturers have unfortunately chosen to abandon their own products, leaving a substantial gap between customers and the manufacturers of those once-prominent devices. This abandonment has not only left users grappling with devices that are at risk of becoming outdated and vulnerable but has also highlighted the challenge of obtaining ongoing software upgrades and firmware updates.

We recognize the frustration and uncertainty that this gap has created. We believe in empowering our customers with solutions that transcend these challenges. Introducing our firmware flashing service for Bobcat 300 G280/G285/G290/G295 Model devices, we provide a beacon of reliability and innovation in an industry facing turbulent times. Our unique approach stands out in the market. With our open firmware philosophy, we guarantee that customer devices will remain consistently up to date.

By strategically choosing to focus on projects that deliver the best value to our customers, we avoid the pitfalls of investing in least profitable endeavors. This approach not only ensures the longevity and performance of your Bobcat 300 device but also accelerates the return on investment for these units.

We are working out details on our Bobcat all variants OTA and firmware flashing service offering. Please check back this page for updates.

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