Pioneer License Sale

Limited time 100 Pioneer License Seats Available

We are very excited to announce that Luna Uniti has matured. Our puppy is growing into a bulldog now. With that being said. Luna is ready to rock your “Raspberry Pi” platform devices and earn you some coins while at it!!!

Terms & Conditions

  1. Maximum of 5 devices per customer (individual non-fleet customers only)
  2. We have a separate process for fleets being developed. Create a new fleet ticket with us if you wish to be considered for fleet license today…
  3. You have a Raspberry Pi platform device such as (check with your hardware manufacturer to find platform information about your device):
    • COTX X3 Alcrymist
    • COTX X3
    • Sensecap M1
    • RAK Gold/Black
    • Nebra
  4. Your device already has one of the following (OS):
    • Manufacturer Stock operating system.
    • Third Party OS (Crankk, Nebra).
    • Armbian Stock.
    • Raspbian Stock.
  5. SSH access to the firmware enabled (by default or by any community shared method) with root access to your device.
  6. This is a “Luna Uniti” 100 license Pioneer run. Our target is to spread out Luna Uniti to a small number of participants, learn from this deployment process and work out our mass scaling strategy which will work for everyone. As such the 100 Pioneers must agree to allow Bit Harvest Studio to retain SSH access to devices for a limited period of time (As we roll out our next release, we will end Pioneer phase and SSH access retention will be removed i.e. you will be given SSH access back to your device).
  7. You will be purchasing perpetual seat for Luna Uniti. This perpetual seat will give you lifetime access to Luna Uniti firmware on your device. For this Pioneer run, we are also requiring a 1 year premium license subscription purchase which will allow the Pioneers access to our premium app and phenomenal support service.
  8. This will be a final sale. No refunds will be given for any reason whatsoever. If you do not meet our Pioneer run requirements and have already sent funds over then we will simply hold your license in a queue for next release.

We are keeping the Pioneer sale plain and simple.

Here is what you need to do.



Perpetual License = $19.99 USD + 1 Year Premium Subscription License = $15.99

Send total of



worth of any of token of your choice (from above) to our wallet address:


Create a new discord ticket on our “Pioneer License Request” channel.

Get your Solana chain transaction TX Hash (How to find TX ID:

Send us your TX Hash in your ticket.

We will verify the transaction and add your license purchase request in our system.

We will coordinate the license and Uniti installation with you via your ticket.

"Unearth the Future, Mine the Digital Gold."
BHS. Florida . United States of America
[email protected]
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